City of Atwater, Minnesota

Atwater Chamber of Commerce


The Atwater Chamber unites business owners and community leaders that have made a commitment to our Atwater community. Our goal is to encourage growth and economic vitality with a strong community base. Your membership in our Atwater Chamber helps promote

  • Economic Development
  • Community promotion and awareness
  • Networking within our community
  • Community Pride

Please support your Atwater Chamber Members!
Please contact with ideas and questions!

If any civic organization or local church would like to post any upcoming event please contact the City Office one month prior to the date of the event (or E-mail information to the Chamber Website at any time and we will get it posted as soon as possible). We would be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Chamber Application

Traci Smith-President​
Kevin Christoffers-Vice President
Dr. Erin Hovey-Treasurer
Traci Johnson-Secretary